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Peak Buoyancy Course




Atlantic Edge Scuba

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Short of remembering to breathe and equalize, there is no skill more critical to divers than controlling buoyancy — and no skill more difficult for new divers to master. In an ideal world, no diver would ever need this course, as you simply wouldn’t be able to get certified unless you could demonstrate adequate buoyancy skills.

Unfortunately, the average diver’s buoyancy skills are an embarrassment — and make divers a danger to themselves and the environment. Why do so many divers have such poor buoyancy skills? There are several reasons, including:

  • Developing good buoyancy control skills takes time and practice — something absent from so many entry-level scuba courses these days.
  • Learning to control buoyancy also requires the opportunity to get out and dive, while frequently stopping, starting, and changing depth. Unfortunately, for many new divers, their open-water training consists mostly of kneeling on the bottom, waiting impatiently for the opportunity to perform yet another “skill.” In fact, most entry-level training “dives” don’t involve much in the way of actual diving. (No wonder so many new divers can’t control buoyancy.)

While we would like to think that our beginning divers are fortunate enough to avoid these problems, not every diver gets to learn to dive from us. And even some of our own students could use a little more work in this area.

This is why we offer this convenient specialty diver course — so that every diver has the opportunity to master and excel at this important skill.

Among the many things, you will learn as part of this program:


    How to trim your scuba gear so you’re perfectly balanced in the water
  • Nuances in determining weight so you’re not too light nor too heavy by even a slight degree
  • How to streamline to save air and move smoothly through the water
  • How to hover effortlessly in both a vertical position and a horizontal position


What is Involved?

The course consists of two parts:

  • Knowledge development through independent study. You complete the knowledge review in the Peak Performance Buoyancy manual (we'll mail your manual once registered) and we'll go over it on location at the quarry before our dives. 
  • Two buoyancy specific dives in one day.



The course is taught during the warmer months of the year (May- October) where we’ll meet at Juturna Springs. 

When Can You Start?

Check out or schedule below for dates and times.

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Start DateEnd DatePlaces AvailableMax Places  
Sat, 18 May 2019Sat, 18 May 2019 88 Add to Cart View
Sun, 11 Aug 2019Sun, 11 Aug 2019 88 Add to Cart View
Sun, 29 Sep 2019Sun, 29 Sep 2019 88 Add to Cart View
Sat, 19 Oct 2019Sat, 19 Oct 2019 88 Add to Cart View
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